Dr. Cathy


What is


The basics of good health start at the cellular level.  Health is cells, tissues, and organs without residual wastes.


Health is self-maintaining and self-regulating through appropriate food and drink, balance between movement and rest, restoration through sleeping and waking, regeneration through respiration, evacuation and excretion, proper relationship with nature and the environment, love of self, others and Life Force intelligence.


We are born to live in health for a long time but most will die prematurely of disease caused by poor lifestyle habits and toxic accumulations.  Toxins interfere with health by preventing the normal bodily functions of assimilation, circulation and elimination.


Aging is the premature depletion of matter through corrosion of cell and tissues caused by acidic toxins.


We can always improve upon on our current level of health and chances for a longer and better life through: appropriate diet, and nutritional supplements, lifestyle modification, exercise, detoxification and drainage.

What are



Toxins are substances the body cannot use or process that are subsequently stored in our cells.  Toxins cause harm to the body cells, organs, and interfere with normal physiological functions.  There are two types -- Exogenous toxins and Endogenous toxins.


Exogenous toxins come from outside sources and are generally inhaled or ingested.


Endogenous toxins come from inside the body as a result of a loss in the homeostatic defense systems of the body.