Dr. Cathy


Health Tips


What to Eat for Health?


1. Unprocessed, fresh organic food.

2. Fresh Fruit, vegetables and greens.

3. Whole grains, nuts and seeds.

4. Cold water fish.  Small portions lean meat.  Eggs.

5. Legumes - dried beans, pea, lentils, soy.

6. Filtered water - 8 glasses daily.

7. Increase fiber intake from a variety of sources.

8. Eat 60% of your food raw - for enzymes.

9. Use butter and cold pressed plant oils sparingly, no margarine.

10. Small quantities of yogurt, kefir.

Avoid regular consumption of:


1. Foods with artificial additives - read labels.

2. Prepared convenience foods - read labels.

3. Highly processed foods - read labels.

4. Sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol.

5. Sleeping pills, pain killers, tranquillers, and other suppressive medications/treatments.

Why Excercise?


Regular physical exercise increases circulatory and pulmonary capacity which stimulates metabolism, increases respiration and oxygen exchange, balances blood sugar, encourages perspiration and facilitates the elimination of toxins through the liver, lungs, kidneys and skin.


NOTE: Benefits do not accumulate by exercising a lot one day and none another so exercise moderately every day.